Which Roast Boasts the Best Cup of Coffee? Part 3

Which Roast Part 3: In part 1 and 2 we covered different types of coffee, caffeine content, best brew, and some advice on how to get the best kick out of your cup of coffee. For those late to the party its basically a light roast brewed with a French or American Press apparatus for those who wish the easiest process and want to change it up from the instant or drip pot game. This will net a solid cup of coffee with the most caffeine.

Some of you may be more experienced in the coffee prep world, but are finding that a cup of Joe just doesn’t have the same buzz it used to, so we can talk about a few ways to fix that issue in Part 3 here.

Just like in many aspects of life using the same thing over and over builds a tolerance or muting to an experience, while it may be what we are used to, it could be an easy fix to a reoccurring issue like coffee burnout. Just changing to a different roast of coffee could be a simple solution. Also, fresh grinding your coffee and or getting away from generic supermarket coffee could be the means to get back your java mojo. Which Roast Part 3.

Most of you have probably hit a Starbucks and got blasted by a Venti coffee drink for a first time and found yourself either repulsed or hooked. They simply use a blend of beans dedicated to a high caffeine and dark roast taste profile combined and have mastered creating a unique coffee experience for their branded coffee shops. Lots of taste and lots of kick, and rightfully so for $2.50 plus a cup.

Another idea is to add a shot of espresso to a regular cup of coffee for more caffeine and aspect from a blend of beans (espresso is usually a blend and darker roasted). This adds about 40-50mg more caffeine with each shot added. Also, some suggest the espresso caffeine hits different and offers a longer energy boost and not just more instant energy. You can do this with a pod style espresso machine, a coffee shop, or those little stovetop kettles.

Switching to a Coffee Robusta blend will definitely bring caffeine content to a new level, and could be just the answer to a lagging morning. A lot of companies are now claiming the highest caffeine levels on the market so be careful. Literally, its like drinking 2 cups in a 1 cup if not more, and should not be tried by the faint of heart.

Lastly, the almost offensive advice of a coffee break has to be discussed.  Literally just a week without coffee can bring back most of its best benefits and return your tolerance back to that a non-stressed and burnt out adult living for the next cup of java. A simple way to transition to a break is to switch to half-caff or black tea for a few days, then to green/white tea to avoid headaches and then hit the complete abstinence phase for a few days.

Toy with the above ideas and see what works best. There are even a few products on the market dedicate to a caffeine detox. Caffeine breaks and or detox supps could be useful for those on preworkout burnout as well! Read more about Which Roast Part 3.


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