Which Roast Boasts the Best Cup of Coffee? Part 2

Which Roast Part 2: In the first part of this article we talked about some of the basics of coffee game. We talked about pre-ground versus whole bean, light vs dark roast, and their caffeine content. This time we go a little deeper into caffeine via the type of beans and the brewing method used.

There are two general types of coffee used in the world, Coffee arabica and Coffee Robusta. Coffee arabica is the most common coffee used in the world and basically offers a smooth taste, moderate caffeine content, and is brewed and processed very easily.

Coffee Robusta is a more potent form of coffee boasting a high caffeine content with a more full and potentially bitter taste profile. A lot of instant coffee uses robusta as its processed with higher caffeine content and maintains flavor through the freeze dry process. Though modern day technology allows pretty much any coffee to be freeze dried with a decent amount of quality preservation in flavor and content.

No instant coffee though holds a candle to a freshly brewed cup of Joe, and while its super convenient and consistent it may leave some wanting for something extra. The best way to get the most out of coffee would be to use some form of French Press or American Press style unit that basically lets the coffee extract into water and then is pressed down with a filter mechanism so you get all coffee and very little coffee grain in your cup. This also offers the highest extract of caffeine versus other methods like auto-drip pots.

There is the fancier pour over variation but they tend to favor flavor over caffeine and its about brining out the best qualities of taste and smell in a coffee versus getting as much caffeine as possible. Caffeine itself actually doesn’t taste that great and can ruin some cups of coffee, hence why Robusta coffee is seldom considered a best taste class of bean.

So, at the end of the day you can either switch to robusta for a kick and half, double dose the instant coffee, or just keep drinking more of your regular arabica coffee and just drink extra, but likely you will run into that plateau where you are missing that very kick that got you hooked in the first place. Part 3 we will talk about Coffee Breaks and how to get some life back into your coffee game by changing things up.Read more about Which Roast Part 2.


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