What is 4-DHEA?

What is 4-DHEA, also called 4-androsterone, and can it help you to gain more muscle and size?

4-androsterone is what’s called a non-methylated prohormone. What this means is it doesn’t block the liver from digesting the supplement before it enters the bloodstream. In contrast, methylated prohormones inhibit the liver from doing its job, making it extremely poisonous for the liver. That’s why you should always go with non-methylated products.

What 4-androsterone does is act as an anabolic agent. Through a two-step process, it turns into testosterone, made from both synthetic and natural prohormones. Because it’s non-methylated, it goes through the liver first to be converted before entering the bloodstream as the main male hormone.

Technically, 4-Andro is a steroid. But the difference between regular steroids and 4-andro makes it legal in the United States. The reason being is 4-DHEA, the alternative name for 4-andro, has a variation that our body naturally creates. DHEA stands for – try and sound this one out – dehydroepiandrosterone, which is one of the most abundant circulating steroids made in the human body.

Through the enzyme conversion process, 4-andro supplements become traditional steroids that have already passed through the liver. It then enters the bloodstream as full-blown testosterone, which your body uses like naturally-made testosterone. Yet it doesn’t destroy your liver, making it a safe supplement.

For beginners, you should dose 4-andro for 4-6 weeks, between 300-500 mg daily. For intermediate or advanced bodybuilders or powerlifters, you can go for 6-8 weeks and go with 300-750 mg per day. These should be followed strictly, because 4-andro is a prohormone that isn’t to be trifled with. Make sure you stick to a solid regimen, including timing and cycling. Within this timeframe, you should expect to get 8-10 pounds of muscle growth.

The best way is to split up your daily dose, one part in the AM and another in the PM. Or, for optimal results, taking one half of your supplement an hour before your workout and right before bed. This ensures the most muscle growth, strength increase, and recovery.

Seeing as 4-androsterone is a highly potent prohormone, the results will be seen quickly. This is why you only cycle this supplement for one to two months. Within the first couple weeks, you should be finding added strength and visual differences in muscle. Your recovery will improve, which is something you can feel, and your libido will be at all-time highs quickly. When you take 4-andro, you’re looking for big results fast. Therefore, short supplementation timeframes, split-up dosage, and small overall amounts are how you dose 4-andro 4-DHEA.


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