The Nootropic Preworkout Trend – Part 2

The Nootropic Preworkout Trend: In part 1 we talked about the basics of this Nootropic Preworkout trend and how to approach the category if you are new to it, and how it may benefit your grind for the 6-pack of dreams come true. Here we will talk about just a few ingredients that could be added to a preworkout and or some a company may use in a nootropic oriented product.

L-Theanine (100-300mg) – while not a new ingredient and certainly prevalent in regular preworkouts its actually of the best focus enhancers around as it boosts caffeine’s cognitive benefits and also provides its own when it comes to things like focus and reduced anxiety.

Alpha GPC (400-800mg) – this is a highly sought after form of choline for the body so it can produce more acetylcholine, one of the major neurotransmitters needed for focus and physical exercise. Alpha GPC will likely boost mind muscle connection, power output, and could enhance growth hormone release.  (*Note most alpha GPC is 50% active and should be listed as such on the label)

L-Tyrosine (250-3000mg)– is a precursor for many of the bodies neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, etc.. its effective at replenishing some of the adrenals hormones and potentially reducing stress response in chronically stressed persons. Some report a feeling of focus and extra energy when combined with caffeine or taken in larger doses solo.

Noopept (10-20mg) – while flying in kind of a grey area for years Noopept has proven itself to be pretty safe and very effective for enhancing focus and memory in the gym. A lot of companies first chose this to use in preworkouts dedicated to the nootropic angle, and or sell it in conjunction with flagship preworkout formulas. It basically amps up brain communication and synergizes well with cholinergics like alpha GPC. The Nootropic Preworkout Trend

So, if you are new or interested in nootropics the above ingredients are a great place to start experimenting with your current preworkout and or just by themselves for a little extra boost to your day. Start low and eventually try combining multiple ingredients to see what suits your brain best. Also, check the labels of new and upcoming preworkouts for these ingredients and get an idea of what they are combined with by some of your go to brands. Read more about The Nootropic Preworkout Trend.


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