The Nootropic Preworkout Trend – Part 1

The Nootropic Preworkout Trend: More than likely everyone who visits knows what a preworkout is and or does, and even if they haven’t tried one or a few different products before, the general idea is understood. You take a serving of a product that is designed to give you at the very least a boost in energy (hopefully better pump and endurance as well) so you can hit the gym any day or time of the week, and bask in the glory of the giant mirrors as you freak out in a semi-panic attack/mania. (half joking…)

The idea of using a nootropic or cognitive enhancer has been around forever, even the smell of coffee has beneficial effects on the brain, so it’s no doubt the rise in the nootropic product releases has been in overdrive the last few years as everyone searches for more ways to replace the ever shrinking list of legal stimulants available for preworkout formulations.

What has been interesting specific to the Fitness Industry though is the merging of both Preworkouts and Nootropics into a product designed to enhance focus and attention while increasing energy, pump, etc.. This has led to a Nootropic Preworkout category with some interesting takes and hybrid formulations that look to get you pushing weight and hitting levels of fitness never achieved before.

A lot of formulations are just wild guesses at combining the two worlds and provide extremely large amounts of caffeine with random dosings of “nootropic” ingredients, but some companies have put a large priority on putting out products that do not rely entirely on caffeine or stims and instead use synergy to get a brand new experience to their customers.

Suggestions on what to look for are products that mention mind, focus, and or mind-muscle connection as well as pump, endurance, recovery, etc.. Also, formulas that offer a 1 and or 2 scoop option can be helpful in finding a sweet spot within the new nootropic realm. While being hyperfocused is great it can also lead to a feeling of A.D.D. in a short period when some people use them out of balance to the brain’s natural states. So, start at low or medium dosings depending on your user experience and work your way up to that perfect dose. The Nootropic Preworkout Trend.

Best best is to start with a nootropic variation from a brand you are familiar with or an actual nootropic product that you stack with your current preworkout. It’s fun to experiment a bit and learn the ins and outs of the cognitive enhancement game, and you can even use nootropics to help with a preworkout break if you feel like your tolerance has achieved the “Why do I even bother taking this product” feeling.

In part 2 we will discuss some individual ingredients to add to current preworkouts or that may show up in some of these hybrid products. Read more about The Nootropic Preworkout Trend.


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