Gardening to Gains

Here at Bodybuild3r we like to take a hands on approach to nutrition.  In this series we dive into container gardening and its benefits.  Growing your own vegetables can be both nourishing and satisfying.   Most meals plans call for a voluminous amount of varying greens, vegetables or tubers.  We will take you step by step on the process on how you can start growing your own food.

The first step is to determine your available space.  Do you have a porch? A Balcony? Perhaps a back yard?  Or just a good sunny room?  All of these can be used to create fertile ground for your new garden.  We picked container gardening for a few reasons, most importantly was space.   Containers can be as big or as small as your space allows.  Also allows you to be efficient in watering and maintenance of the plants.  A container we like is the Patio Picker1 ,  purchased for about $20 and very user friendly.   However anything can be used, 5 gal buckets are a good vessel as well as fabric grower bags2.   Don’t be afraid to check out your local garden center, they may have extras pots they’ll sell cheap or even give you.  The beauty of container gardening is that the footprint is minimal and you can grow vertically as well.

Once you determine your available space, step 2 is to pick your seeds.  Couple of factors to keep in mind:  Your geographic location, your space restrictions and of course your taste.    We live in the Southeastern US so the series will follow our progress based on our climate.  Benefits of container growing is that you can help your plants buy making them mobile and placing them in the ideal growing conditions.   Herbs are a great place to start.  They are almost bullet proof, can be bought already in usable form and provide a lot of flavor to many dishes.  Ours were purchased in the produce section at Walmart (cheaper than precut varieties).

You’ve picked your spot, you’ve picked your plants.  Now its time to get dirty.  Follow along and we will be putting out daily articles on the roads to fresh food.




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