Fasting 101 Part 3 – Time Restricted Eating

Fasting 101 Part 3: In part 1 and part 2 we covered the basics of fasting and something called “time restricted eating.” There are many benefits to fasting and weightloss is just the icing on the cake. Why not go for overall better health and more energy?

One style of fasting is called water fasting, where you literally only consume water for X period of hours or days. This rapidly enhances the phase of autophagy (from part 2) but also can be counterproductive to those seeking lean mass gains. Usually anything more than 24 hours of fasting like this can lead to muscle breakdown of significant result ( if you are working out while fasted.) Though this can be effective if not once a week or every few weeks by athletes if the rest of their week is monitored calorically and they do not overtrain. For regular persons this can be done more regularly without many negative effects, but its definitely suggested to consult a physician and or become experienced with basic and intermittent fasting first. Continue reading Fasting 101 Part 3

Some things to avoid while fasting are the use of amino acid beverages which can inhibit the breakdown of tissues and also spike insulin. Black Coffee is ok but adding any caloric additions to the coffee can inhibit the fasting’s benefits. Diet soda seems to be ok as well as electrolytes in water, but lemons, greens, vegetable juices etc… may contain enough carbs or calories to offset the full benefits as well.

You can workout while fasted just known your limits and avoid extreme anaerobic activity (like crossfit or kickboxing for rounds) and don’t fear losing a little lean mass as its been shown that in the long run the gains are leaner and fat loss is achieved, even though in the short run you may seem to lose some muscle from energy store depletion and water loss.

Stay well hydrated (but don’t drink gallons and gallons as you can O.D. on water) and find your niche and learn how to fast with the best of them overtime. As always if you come across any adverse effects or feel off your game take a break, and eat some clean carbs and protein and assess whether your fasting schedule is right for you. Read more about Fasting 101 Part 3.


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