Fasting 101 Part 1 – General Info and Tips

Fasting 101 Part 1: Every New Year millions jump onto to the weightloss and fitness train and head to the gyms to overload the cardio equipment and help membership sales specialist and personal trainers make some serious coin. A lot of people though simply just hold down a post holiday diet that consists of not eating anything but one meal and waiting for that waistline to very slowly creep back to the former notch on their belt.

The more favorable way to approach either side of the coin could be fasting. Fasting for those completely new to the idea is basically not eating during a certain part of the day or setting allotted feeding windows (say 8hrs a day.) The idea here is to force the body into a mode where it has to break down its own reserves and also utilize detox mechanism to get rid of damaged cells and toxins as the body taps into its stored fat, etc. Continue reading Fasting 101 Part 1.

A basic example would be to wake up and drink nothing but zero calorie liquids (preferably water and electrolytes) up until around 8hrs after you wake up. That puts most people at lunch time or a late lunch. This is called intermittent fasting where you simply take the time you are asleep plus a dedicated fasting window in the morning to not eat. Then your first meal will be lunch, second meal dinner, and then either a light snack or nothing prior to bedtime. You can do this 3-4 times a week and then have 1 or 2 days where you eat normally (not cheat meals.) You still want to watch your total calories taken in, but the idea is to eat a little less than normal each day to add up to a deficit aka..weightloss by the end of each week. Surprising athletes can still maintain their gains while on this type of program.

In Part 2 we will talk about time restricted eating which is a little more geared to anti-aging and well being, but also for those who want to lose and or maintain weightloss for good. Read more about Fasting 101 Part 1.


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