Coffee and Performance

Coffee and Performance: The best performance enhancing substance.

Throughout history dating back to the discovery of coffee in what is now modern-day Ethiopia coffee has become the single greatest performance enhancing substances for almost every activity available.  The major reason for coffees miracle like effect is generally known to come from the increased blood flow and raised Adrenalin in the body.

The effects of coffee vary widely from person to person but they most notable seem to affect the performance of aerobic athletes.  The EFSA has come to the startling conclusion that there is a strong correlation between caffeine consumption at almost any relevant level and the performance output of almost any endurance athlete.  Many times, the recorded best times per athletes where always beaten with the intake of caffeine through some sub straight.

One major aspect that has been proven wrong by science is the association with coffee and that of dehydration.  This is a major foul ball against coffee and relatable caffeine substances.  In fact, there was a recent study that showed that at even up to five cups of coffee will not cause dehydration.  It would be believed that the diuretic effects of caffeine would be the culprit but this is simple false.  The scales of justice simple do not add up with that math as the amount of fluid being taken in far out ways that of what is leaving.

With all of the evidence presented it is no wonder why coffee is simply called the miracle in a cup for almost every reason under the sun.



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