Change Up Your Coffee Game with Keto Friendly Butter Coffee

Change Up Your Coffee Game: By now, unless living under a rock you likely have heard about butter coffee or Bulletproof style coffee. It’s pretty much available everywhere from convenience stores to all the nutrition shops and gyms. The basic premise is that instead of sugar and cream or a standard cup of black coffee that you replace that traditional experience with some type of grass fed butter ( if possible) and coconut oil (ideally MCT oil). You can still use sugar alcohols like erythritol or xylitol (from birch is best) or stevia, monk fruit, etc..

The idea here is to take the low glycogen state of the body and the ability for caffeine to turn on ketosis (fat burning state) in the morning to kickstart not only the metabolism, but also the brain and an energy system most of us rarely tap into while consuming larger amounts of carbohydrates earlier in the day.

The ideal cup for the best experience looks something like this:

  • 1-2 cups of fresh ground and brewed organic coffee
  • 1tsp to 2tbsp of Grass Fed Butter (those who are doing keto can handle the bigger dose)
  • 1tsp to 2tbsp of MCT Oil (Ideally C8/C10 MCT Oil) or Coconut Oil (if no MCT is available)
  • Sweeten to taste with choice of low cal or herbal sweetener

Some tips are to use a ninja type blender or high speed mixer (rated for hot items) or powerful hand mixer to get the butter and MCT oil to emulsify in the coffee for a super smooth and rich cup of Joe unlike any had before. Change Up Your Coffee.

The benefits can be increased and sustained energy (the fats offer a natural time release of the caffeine), increased satiety, and improved mood with out the caffeine or sugar crash from the usual suspect sugary coffee drinks.

So, if you have found your mornings stagnant or need something to stave off sugar cravings in the morning try Bulletproof style Coffee for a change of pace. Its also a great way to kickstart a ketogenic diet or low carb lifestyle if that’s is on the horizon. Read more about Change Up Your Coffee Game.


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