Caffeine’s health benefits on the body

As long as caffeine has been used for its performance enhancing properties it also has many benefits that people simply do not know about.  A major misnomer on caffeine is that it can cause heart related issues.  One major study has shown that simply drinking 1-4 cups of coffee a day can lower the risk of heart disease by up to 20%.  Caffeine in tea has been shown to decrease the chances of stroke by up to 20% as well.  Caffeine can protect against diabetes, also, decaffeinated coffee has also been linked in decreasing the rate of diabetes which could indicate that coffee has more to it than just caffeine in the prevention of diabetes.  Coffee seems to be the driving force for most peoples intake of caffeine and also seems to be correlated highly in many health benefits with associated caffeine.

Caffeine has many other benefits that seem to really run that gamut of overall general health protection.  Caffeine has studies showing that it supports overall intestinal and gut health, protection against gout, protection of the epidermis(skin), promotes overall health and longevity, protects major organs such as the liver and most importantly of all of the items mentioned its can reduce the risk of many cancers most notably that of the liver.

It is simply to understand why caffeine is used so widely in so many different ranges with the amazing benefits that it provides with little to no negative effects more most individual users.




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