VPX Includes CannaBlast CBD in new Stoked RTD

Energy Drank Tank VPX reaches Higher with STOKED CBD

When crazy ol’ Jack from VPX got on Linked In with his proclamation he would tame the wild beast that is Monster Energy and matador the Red Bull with his Big BANG theory I thought he was showing signs of dementia. Turns out he was talking truth and has even got to legal battle over it. Monster came out with Reign and is going tit for tat on the ever-increasing caffeine content of your local 7-11’s energy drink selection. So, what can Crazy Jack do now? He is probably bored having taken over the energy drink market and on IG his BANG Energy crew is literally taken over the highlight feed.

Well, I tell you what, Jack has his eyes set on the very taboo world of CBD ready to drinks. There is obviously a massive market for oils, edibles, and capsules, but federally the san-psychoactive cannabis cousin to medical marijuana that is Hemp is very grey area. With the like of even Pepsi and Coca Cola researching the right move to bring a CBD option to market its going to be an interesting ride in 2019.

This brings us to the not exactly breaking news of STOKED the stoner cousin of BANG. This will be a full spectrum hemp extract, which as of now suggests it will list the amount of CBD available per serving on the can. While some flavors like Strawberry, Mango, and GUESS? have been mentioned no one know for sure what they taste like, or whether they will see the light of day in the current political climate.

Fear not though, VPX isn’t playing games and in Dr. Evil fashion expect some words from Jack coming soon on his manifest destiny to be the Ruler every fridge in the world. With the connects and hooks already in the mass markets with BANG expect to see STOKED drop everywhere its possibly legal, and as always you know its gonna taste dank!



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