UK Boys, The Chaos Crew launching 3 new product soon

UK Boys, The Chaos Crew: A little sneak peek preview of three products coming from the UK based Chaos Crew. These guys haven’t been messing around with their release schedule and had quite the 2019 with some stim heavy and hardcore supps designed to either get you tweaked, yoked, and or cut up depending on your specific goals. Some of the strongest stim products in the UK are now getting the decaffeinated dance partner with a grouping of non-stim and stackable products.

First, we have the Glycer Swell product which is designed to increase blood plasma and water pump in the muscles. Its unflavored and will mix easily with any other product in the line up if you want to enhance muscle fullness and vascularity.

Next, we have another non-stim pump product that is quite stackable with Everything in the line up called Pumping Aminos. This is a full EAA blend with hydration and pump catalysts. We are talking Vaso-Drive-AP and S7 in there with the lined up anabolic aminos plus coconut water powder. So, this product is definitely your go to sip cup drank for the day and off days. Though it would work extremely well with a preworkout and the above mentioned Glycer Swell if you are all about sticking with the firm and supporting your local Chaos Crew.

Lastly, Suppress is designed to stack with the cutz or shredz for the weightloss benefits. This is a stim free appetite control product and would be great for in between stim doses and or in the evening when you want to actually sleep and not dream about donuts!

Coming soon, stayed tuned as we will do full product overviews once they launched.


UK Boys, The Chaos Crew Glycer Swell – Stackable Non-Stim Pump


  • Unflavored

Supplement Facts (Known so far)

  • 4g Glycersize Glycerol Monostearate
  • 2g Taurine
  • TBA

Pumping Aminos – EAA, Hydration, and Pump Catalyst

UK Boys, The Chaos Crew Flavors

  • TBA

Supplements Facts (Known So far)

  • EAA Blend – 8g
  • Coconut Water – 500mg
  • Taurine – 1000mg
  • Vaso-Drive-AP – 300mg
  • S7 Pump – 50mg

Suppress – Appetite Control

Serving Size 2 caps

UK Boys, The Chaos Crew Servings per Container 60

  • Glucomannan 1000mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (50%) 500mg
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 400mg
  • African Mango extract 300mg
  • Chromium 200mcg



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