Supplement Store Competition

Supplement Store Competition: In the world of dietary supplements, we have covered a lot and in-depth on how brands and stores are changing because of continued demand and the fury of competition only compounding the issues of the marketplace.  The ease of this competition is yet another unexpected but also anticipated for the most part form of sales that has manifest itself in this industry thus driving it further in these directions.  Stores are fighting back against big brand abuses and the juggernaut Amazon in the forms of their own store brands that are just as good sometimes better than big box marketing-based brands.

So, where does this leave you, the consumer with all of this static white noise of competition that can’t even really be heard at your level of the consumer.  As these stores begin to fill their shelves with products that are commonly called house brands that many consumers are unfamiliar with, this could begin to spread more confusion across the marketplace.  A lot of the sales process comes down to the store clerks and many of them are lazy and simply push a single product which will create even more confusion in the industry at the store level.  This dynamic inside of the industry is creating an interesting rift as now these store brands are starting to attempt outside sales unaware on the tedious nature of the industry itself.  This is a product of simple supply and demand and the stores wanting to survive in an industry that is simply unforgiving.  The stores are creating any type of product or means by which they can compete directly with their purchased brands to resell in order to Garner more margin. Supplement Store Competition.

The industry for supplements is changing and with Amazon looming over everyone’s head in the most threatening on manners it is no wonder stores are doing any and everything they can to increase overall profit margins and sales.  You will begin to see as even companies such as Amazon are doing an increased focus on their own brands to increase the overall profit margins of their stores.  Often times but not always these products will be having the same level of care taken with them like midterm companies who specialize in this.  These products will often times be more generic in nature. Read more about Supplement Store Competition.


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