Steel Supplement Drops Jeremy Buendia After Abuse Allegations

What a few weeks it has been for 4x Olympia Men’s Physique champion Jeremy Buendia. It started out with a YouTube interview with Jerdani Kraja on Kenny K.O. During the interview, Jerdani Kraja accused Jeremy Buendia of domestic abuse. And that was just the beginning. In an interview the same week, Jeremy Buendia’s ex-girlfriend Laura Amaral also did an interview with Kenny K.O. She not only claimed that Jeremy had abused her, but showed photos of the injuries she said were obtained from his abuse.

Jason Huh, the founder and CEO of Steel Supplements has heard enough, and released the following statement on Instagram.

“As an organization STEEL Supplements Inc treats allegations of violence of any kind with all due and necessary seriousness. Conduct inconsistent with STEEL policies and standards of behavior are treated with the utmost earnestness and gravity that such allegations demand. As such, upon careful review of the recent allegations and circumstances, STEEL will sever its relationship with Mr. Jeremy Buendia.

“At such time as further information becomes available through appropriate legal sources, STEEL will take all appropriate actions. STEEL is committed to positively contributing to humanity and the fitness community on a mental, physical, and emotional level.”

In the Kenny K.O. interview, Jerdani Kraja claimed that Jeremy Buendia not only abused several ex-girlfriends, but that they took steroids and did cocaine together. Jerdani Kraja went on to say that Jeremy Buendia even sold illegal anabolic steroids to an undercover cop at his gym, and Jeremy was forced to “rat out” his suppliers, or face being arrested. Jerdani Kraja claimed that Jeremy rolled on everyone, and that was the reason he moved to Orange County. Kraja claimed that Jeremy moved because people were “looking to kill” him.

Considering recent events with 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden, it is clear what the IFBB’s stance is on domestic abuse. If these rumors turn out to be true, then Jeremy Buendia’s career might be over. The IFBB doesn’t play around with this type of stuff, and doesn’t give second chances.

And it’s not just the IFBB. Jason Huh of Steel Supplements also made the comment that if the allegations are true, “STEEL will take all appropriate actions.” If the rumors are true, then Jeremy Buendia is facing some serious trouble.


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