Source: Most SARM Supplements are Counterfeit

In 2014, Congress approved, and former regulatory president Barack Obama signed, bill HR 4771, known throughout the supplement and fitness industry as the 2014 Prohormone ban. In doing so, there was a giant whole left in the industry, with nothing to fill it. That was until people started to learn about SARMs.

SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are compounds that selectively target the androgenic receptors on muscle cells, causing increases in muscle growth and decreases in body fat. They work like steroids, but to a lesser degree. Unlike steroids, with SARMs, you don’t have to worry about other areas of the body being affected, such as the prostate and heart. And while they can suppress your body’s natural ability to make testosterone, most studies show that your normal levels will return to normal within 5 weeks without the need for PCT (post cycle therapy).

At first glance, SARMs appear to be miracle drugs. Yes, they appear to be safer than steroids, but, there has been limited research on their side effects, so no one really knows. However, this hasn’t stopped several supplement companies from breaking the law.

SARMs may not be illegal, but they aren’t supplements, they are research chemicals. These shady supplement companies are marketing them as dietary supplements, which they clearly are not. Not a big deal, unless you don’t inform the consumer that they aren’t supplements, and that the user must accept all responsibilities for possible side effects.

These shady “supplement” companies do none of that. And what’s worse, is that new evidence has been released that most of these SARM companies are NOT selling you SARMs. In a study published by JAMA, 44 drugs marketed as SARMs were tested. The researchers found that 39% of the SARMs tested contained unapproved drugs, like steroids or prohormones. In over half of the products tested, 59% did not contain the amount of SARMs that were listed on the label.

SARMs may not be illegal, but selling them as supplements is. Also, it is highly unlikely that you are getting SARMs, and more unlikely that you are getting the appropriate amount. Yes, SARMs can help you gain muscle and lose fat, but they aren’t dietary supplements, and more than likely, you are getting your gains from something beside SARMs. Not a big deal, unless you value your health, and want to know what you are putting in your body.


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