Reign RTD Evolving Line Up with Inferno Thermogenic Formula

Reign RTD Evolving Line Up: For all your Energy Drink junkies out there constantly fighting the battle between which brand and flavor will set your day right, you are about to have another option on the table. Recently Reign, from the makers of Monster Energy have launched an all new Thermogenic option with Reign for those looking for that extra kick of energy but also some fat loss at the same time.

Three flavors were announced with True Blue, Red Dragon, and Jalapeno Strawberry on deck which seems to be an effort to make take some creative strides in their flavoring game. Hopefully these will be as good as the original line up of Reign which easily competes with all the other Bangers on the market. Reign RTD Evolving Line Up.

Likely we will see the source of caffeine split from things like green tea, green coffee bean, maybe we will see some niacin, carnitines, and or capsi-max. That would be pretty interesting if they put out a legit fat burner in a can versus the sprinkle dusted option we see out there regularly at gyms and local nutrition stores.

Reign RTD Evolving Line Up could possibly even be a play away from competing with say BANG and making a move to capture some of the Cellucor C4 RTD and or Celsium HEAT type market. After all we are dealing with a giant player in the canned energy drink game so their hunger for market share knows no bounds after losing tons of it to players like VPX/BANG, etc..


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