Aussie Supplement Market: Possible Big Bad Changes

Aussie Supplement Market: Down under they have the kind of equivalent of the US’s FDA like admin called the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and they get to decide on things like product label claims, ingredients, classification of products, etc..

Recently they have proposed a new set of regulations for the supplement industry that will possibly affect the entire industry with the reclassification of supplements as Therapeutic Goods over Food or vice versa. This is going to determine a potential lengthy oversight process and or disruption of supply chains for many manufacturers, and down stream dim the supply line to retail and customers as well.

To sum it up basically things like amino acid supplements would have a hard limit on dosing (example: 490mg of Leucine is the limit to determine TG or Food) if those limits are exceeded it would then qualify as a Therapeutic Good and then be subject to the enhanced regulations of the new TGA parameters.

The basic overall impact of these regulations in the short run will be the removal of a massive amount of products from the market, with some reclassifying and showing back up in the interim length after the restriction are enacted. Long term there will definitely be less products available leading to less choice for each customer and potentially could reduce the size and amount of jobs of the entire industry. Aussie Supplement Market

So, overall not very good news for anyone in the bodybuilding and sports nutrition scene in AUS. Luckily there is still some time to add you comments or opinions directly to the TGA as of the time of writing this (deadline: 12/3/19). This type of motion hasn’t passed in the prior years, but its always better to stay vigilant and informed in these worst case type scen. Read about Aussie Supplement Market.


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