PJ Braun Social Media Drama

PJ Braun Social Media Drama – As many know the “Blackstone” boys, formally Blackstone Labs, has been a major topic in the news of all things dietary supplement related.  The duo who led the company, PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman, have been no strangers to hot topics and all types of antics in the industry through social media and their daily lives.  As the Blackstone Labs owners had a falling out and moved onto their separate paths, it would seem that some have flourished and some have not in a sense.  It appears that the saga of PJ Braun’s misfortunes seems to keep coming to light over and over.  It seems the world just can’t get enough.

In the most recent leak of drama PJ is seen playing with himself and then having some type of verbal disagreement with his now ex-wife Celeste Bonin in a Youtube video.  It would appear that old habits of being in the spotlight die hard and there is no shortage of individuals on the internet ready to post and repost this information.  The Youtube link is NSF, safe for work but viewer discretion is advised.

Watch YouTube Video by clicking here.

As with most drama and possible personal misfortunes with individuals and their daily lives, people really take to the subject matter at hand on the internet and begin to dissect it with surgeon like precision to bring their views forward.  It will be interesting to see what more information comes out between now and the trial that will be taking place between Blackstone Labs and the US Government.  If you wish to dive deeper into the rabbit whole that is Reddit then be our guest, because we surely will be.  If this little data dump is any representation of the future then we can only hope for more.  This link below is NSFW, not safe for work.

PJ Reveals his Dagger, click here.

Our closing thoughts on this particular leak, will call it, the team and BodyBuild3r is extremely diverse and everyone is taught one simple rule when brought on board.  Do not do or say anything that you would not want to read about in a newspaper, this generally leads to another saying, you lay in the bed you make.  As per this incident knowing zero of the back ground it, doesn’t look good for anyone involved.

Another simple rule that every man should follow – never send d*ck pics or videos of your junk. And if you do, remember the internet is a place like no other. One should never bring a dagger to play Warhammer.

Everyone goes through things, and break ups are hard. They bring the very best men and women down to a position of asking for mercy. As an information based website that does not write biased based articles we feel PJ was out of line. There are still plenty of people who follow Blackstone and behavior like this can impact the younger generation who looks up to him for his accomplishments as a bodybuilder.

When someone asks you to leave the room, like his ex did. He should have left the room. This is our only our opinion of course. Let this be a lesson to us all when someone says leave you leave. And if your going to show your package to the rest of the world do it with the lights off – where no one can see it.

On a happier note. Smartphone makers have debunked a age old theory that the camera adds size.

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