Performax Labs VasoMax adds AlphaZone

Performax Labs VasoMax wants you to get into the AlphaZone.

Performax Labs is known for their hard hitting supplements. Their pre-workout HyperMax Extreme is one of’s top 10 pre-workouts for the Summer of 2019. They also make a supplement named VasoMax. Its their non-stimulant nitric oxide (NO) pump booster. It is designed to be used with HyperMax Extreme to give you the ultimate gym experience. Energy, focus, endurance, and pumps. Well, it appears that VasoMax is getting a facelift.

VasoMax is already loaded with GlycerPump glycerol powder. GlycerPump is supposed to help draw more fluid into the blood, thus helping to improve performance while you train, and to help give you bigger pumps. It also has 300mg of VASO6, which is supposed to be 7x more effective at increasing nitric oxide (NO) levels than arginine.

It is a little different than most of your non-stimulant pump products. Like Redcon1, Performax Labs has added a cognitive blend to VasoMax to help improve focus and concentration. Currently Performax Labs uses Alpha-GPC in VasoMax. Unfortunately, Alpha-GPC has an issue with clumping.

Alpha-GPC draws in moister from the air, and clumps together. This issue can leave you with a clumpy powder, something that you don’t necessarily want. The good news is that a company out of Australia, Pinnacle Ingredients, has claimed to have solved the issue.

Pinnacle Ingredients is known for their trademarked version of glycerol powder GlycerPump. Like Alpha-GPC, glycerol powder also draws in water from the air, and clumps together. Well, Pinnacle Ingredients was able to develop a version of glycerol powder, GlycerPump, that doesn’t clump. It appears that they used the same technology and applied it to Alpha-GPC.

We don’t have the full ingredient list of the new VasoMax, but we do know what two of the ingredients will be. It appears that Performax Labs will be using GlycerPump, it’s already in the old version of it, and AlphaZone. The result should be a non-stimulant nitric oxide (NO) boosting pump and focus formula that shouldn’t clump together.

Once more info in released from Performax Labs, we will give you an update on the full ingredient list of the reformulated VasoMax. As of now, it appears that the new version of their popular pump product will work well to get you pumped for the gym.

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