Nutrabolics Jumps on the Skin Whitening Trend from Around the World

In an interesting release Nutrabolics has removed itself from the self-tanning mirror obsessed culture of fitness and partnered up with some International Distributor for a Skin Whitening product. Now, some of you might be thinking, WTF? Well, if you have any Asian members in your family you might already know about the growing trend of lightening skin. Its not just tied to the Asian nations, as the Middle East, Egypt, etc. also are overly into lightening their pigmentation as some sort of social value booster.

This is the first time we see a major sports nutrition producer publicly jump on the trend, which more than likely is now a $100 million plus category overseas.

The Skin Whitening product is basically just 10g of Collagen which is to assist with smoothing skin, reducing wrinkles, and the whole anti-aging vibe. They then add the antioxidant Glutathione, which is considered the master controller of all this prooxidant in the body. Its especially effective in the soft tissue of the body and organs like the liver and lungs.

How this all ties to actual lightening the skin pigments, well who knows, but its been quite a trend on the ol’ twitter that it was worth checking out. Apparently, many Asian countries have the same vanity issue as the Americas and they also suffer from Instagram and Snapchat filter syndromes where they want to actually look like they do on their highly over processed online portfolio.

Skin Whitening wont been a US or UK release an looks to be a Philippines regional release for now. Have no fear as with all things its likely to make it way to the US where all the fair skinned people will want to have the entire light spectrum absorbed into their face and become glowing angels just like their social media filters.



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