NFL Announces Plans to Start Testing Marijuana as Pain Management Tool 

For years, outspoken NFL players have lobbied for the NFL to allow marijuana as a pain management tool. With the rise of opioid abuse, many have wondered why the NFL hasn’t already started looking into the pain blunting effect of marijuana. Well, it looks like things are finally about to change. 

The NFL Players Association and the NFL have agreed to work together to study the potential medical uses of marijuana. Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical officer told USA Today “We’ve asked the committee to look at any and all treatments. We’ll go where the medicine takes us.” 

It appears that the conservative NFL is finally starting to open its mind. However, it has been reported by several former players that a large percentage of current and former players are using, and have used, marijuana to help handle the physical demands of the sport. Retired NFL star, and son of NFL great Howie Long, Chris Long recently addressed the issue on The Dan Patrick Show. Long said “I’m not a dry snitch, I’m not going to put a percentage on how much the league smokes, but I certainly enjoyed my fair share on a regular basis through my career.” Long went on to say “A lot of guys get a lot of pain management out of it…” 

Now, you may be asking yourself how marijuana use in the NFL can be so widespread? I mean, don’t we hear about players failing marijuana drug test all the time? Well, it turns out that these people are idiots. The NFL does test for marijuana, but only once a year, and on a specific date, that everyone is told about way in advance. Some former players have even said that the NFL makes sure that every rookie knows about their testing procedures before they even step foot on a practice field.  

Will marijuana use be accepted as a legit pain management tool for NFL players? It appears that it already is. 



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