Newest News on the New Smart Energy C4 RTD

New Smart Energy C4 RTD: How many times can you put the word new in a sentence? Probably a lot more times after you drink up on the “coming soon” Smart Energy drink by Cellucor, the puveyors of the C4 line up dranks.

This time around they have left the sports and fitness realm behind and are going after the nootropic and cognitive enhancement category. Likely, their target audience is going to be gamers, students, and everyday customers who are looking to take their brain wattage up a notch. Everyone has to hit deadlines, thrive at work, and or wants to be the next super streamer or IG star. It’s the long days and even longer nights that require the attention to detail and focus to be successful and as we are seeing more and more products and companies leaning into the brain gainz kind of mentality. Continue reading New Smart Energy C4 RTD.

Cellucor has provided some basic info on Smart Energy aka Superbrain and that its going to contain about 200mg of caffeine from green tea energy, some N-Acetyl-L-Tyosine and ~250mg of Cognizin Citicholine. So far that is what we know on the ingredient front.

The other info is that it will be a 16oz can on release with a smaller lite option that will be available in a 12oz smaller can with slightly less caffeine.

Also, it looks like this will be a GNC release with a special sales price somewhere around $12-15 bucks for the launch down from a retail price of about $29.99ish.

So, keep an eye out and of course we will drop details and a full product overview once labels are available. Eta on launch is early February with 3 flavors on deck! Read more about New Smart Energy C4 RTD.


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