MyoBlox Releases Limited Edition SkyWalk (Super Duper)

MyoBlox Releases Limited Edition SkyWalk (Super Duper): A while back Myoblox announced a Limited Release promo on a new and exciting version of Skywalk. Skywalk is one of their energy and focus oriented products and is for those who wanted to keep their brain in go mode throughout the day version something like Loco which is more oriented for the gym and or other physical adventures.

This edition of Skywalk offers up a new flavor that combines a few favorite flavors from the past, potentially revolving around sour gummies and some mango options. The other differences in this formulation will be the inclusion of BLOX™ their own micro-peptide combination and Nivadren™ which is a Acetylcholine-esterase-inhibitor that does something of what Huperzine A does, but with more potency and some interesting research. MyoBlox Releases Limited Edition SkyWalk.

The formula will also add Cats Claw for additional nootropic effect and will contain the same 200mg of caffeine that the regular formula contains. Though from the looks at the ingredients label we are seeing L-theanine moved to the front of the proprietary blend list, meaning that an increase in theanine is definitely on the agenda, putting it equal to or above the caffeine content. This should prove for a more powerful and calm focus formula than we have seen in the past, but don’t sleep on it, because it will likely kick you in the cerebellum of you try to double dose it!

The first run will be in 500 units and likely will sell out faster than we can publish this update, so check back for full details and label info and talk to your local supp shops that carry Myoblox and or sign up for their VIP email list for the best chance at nabbin’ yourself a bottle. Read more about MyoBlox Releases Limited Edition SkyWalk.


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