METCON Training Introduction

METCON Training For those always looking for a brand new way to test or amp your conditioning, or anyone just looking to change it up a bit here is a little info on something called Metabolic Condition (aka METCON). The idea is to train the metabolism in all 3 of its major energy systems using intensity and rest:work ratios.

The first energy system is that of ATP/Phosphates (anaerobic) and is designed for immediate access to quick and explosive energy on demand for the first 10-30 seconds of some of physical activity. The second system is your glucose/glycogen system which utilizes blood sugar and stored glycogen to replenish and fuel energy demands over that covers that 30sec mark to around a few minutes mins of intense physical activity (for the most part). Lastly, we have the fat store/adipose (oxidative) system which is designed to handle the longer enduring tasks and potentially improve rest/recovery times in between the ATP/Glucose phases as well during a longer interval style activity.

The idea in METCON Training is similar toHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions where you do an intense bout of exercise for a short period and then follow with a low intensity movement for a longer period of time. Different ratio of rest:workare used by different levels of trainee.

Metconrevolves around this same principle but moving the ratios around for different purposes. For endurance you may want to use a 2:1 ratio of rest:work or even 3:1. Someone looking to work just power may use a 10:1 ratio where the work phase is an all out burst sprint for 10 seconds with a walking/jogging rest period for 100seconds.

Instead of just doing this for one exercise or on cardio machine you can turn this into a Tabata (usually very short workouts but use a higher work than rest ratio) or full body event but just make sure to keep the exercise session shorter than traditional slow and steady workouts as intensity is going way up with interval/metcon training. This can increase recovery times or lead to over training if done for too long or too many times per week.

METCON Training Example

Squats – 30 seconds

Rest – 60 seconds

Deadlifts – 30 seconds

Rest – 60 seconds

Shoulder Presses – 30 seconds

Rest – 60 seconds

Bicep Curls – 30 seconds

Rest – 60 seconds

Push Ups – 30 seconds

Rest – 60 seconds

Repeating that whole set 2 to 3 times depending on fitness level.

This could lead to a nice fat burning and toning session if lighter weights are used, or you can go a little heavier to try to add lean muscle mass.

The advantage of this type of workout is that it trains multiple energy pathways, but also is quicker than a traditional workout, and can increase the body’s metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout. Something regular cardio just cant compete with.



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