Matt Porter Dead Because of Congestive Heart Failure?

This week the Bodybuilding world lost Matt Porter, renowned trainer, bodybuilder, and diet coach. Let me start off by saying that this article is of my own opinion, and is speculative based on the evidence that has been presented by Matt’s wife, Rachel Prince Porter. The actual cause of death has not been released. We are still waiting on the official report from the medical coroner.

What is Congestive Heart Failure?

Heart failure doesn’t mean that the heart stops working. It occurs when the heart’s pumping power is weaker than normal, because the heart has lost its elasticity.  With heart failure, blood moves through the chambers of the heart less efficiently, which increases the pressure inside of the heart.  The chambers of the heart stretch to hold more blood, which causes the walls of the heart muscle to weaken.  When weakened, the heart is unable to pump as strongly as it did before. The kidneys usually respond by forcing the body to retain water and sodium. This water retention is most commonly found in the feet, lungs, or other organs, and is called congestive heart failure.

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

High blood pressure is the primary cause of left ventricular hypertrophy, which leads to congestive heart failure. Left ventricular hypertrophy occurs when the heart muscle thickens.  This thickening results in the muscles of the heart relaxing less between heart beats.  The heart is unable to fill with enough blood to supply your body’s organs.  This causes your heart rate to increase, which causes your body to retain water.

Looking at the case of Matt Porter, he was holding water in his lungs, which he thought was pneumonia. He also had been battling high blood pressure for a very long time, and was having trouble keeping it under control. And then, he was feeling tired and worn out all the time. All three are signs of congestive heart failure. So, you may be asking yourself why his doctors didn’t catch it? Because he was 34.



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