Mars Candy Company Amps it UP with Hi-Protein in the UK

Mars Candy: No introduction is needed for Mars Candy, because everyone has had their crack with at least one of their products in their childhood, in line at the grocery, or with their left over Halloween candy. Some of you may use them as your cheats, or stress eat them at break at work where you think about going postal regularly. Talk to someone please….

In some shocking news Mars Candy started a trend of Hi-Protein offerings in the UK starting with branded Snickers and Mars Hi-Protein Whey Powders. This was a pretty interesting move with many nutrition experts always suggesting a snickers is better than most candy bars in a pinch since it has actual protein and peanuts versus pure sugar like many other bars (like 4g really, not much.) A slew of protein bars have emulated the snickers existence in some trivial fashion as well. Who remembers Detour bars ( the original run with like 30g of sugar..I mean 3g of sugar of course per the label.)

The next move was to release an actual Hi-Protein version of these Snickers and Mars bars we so love, and start a giant campaign in the fitness industry. Its like BANG in the UK but candy inspired protein bars from the actual candies that inspired the protein bars!

While we spec out, review, import and gorge on all these wonderful options for future articles and a more in-depth look into what’s going down with Mars ( I see you Elon) stayed tuned to for new releases, product overviews, and fitness articles that will have you on the gain train and the talk of the gym with your  Fit IQ of 200. Read more about Mars Candy.


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