MAN Sports On Verge of Trio of New Releases

MAN Sports On Verge: MAN Sports has been around the block quite a few times. They have survived the many culling of the industries shifts and trends and continue to stay ahead of the curve releasing creative and novel products. I mean between their nootropic Brain Bridge and Amino Coffee Creamer its hard to say no to that cute little face anytime Im in a retail store! Ok, so they are a puppy, but they are still grinding away at helping people get them gainz, and they are doing this time by reaching going back to the future.

Three products are on the cusp of release and they are ProPF3, a reinvention of their Pure PF3 Concentrated protein product, Lean PhD and newly minted VasoJet. Two of these products have seen the light of day before and were pretty popular, with Pure PF3 probably being the most controversial.

Pure PF3 was a ~4g serving of concentrated protein peptides that literally could replace a scoop of protein powder. Yea, that’s right 30g shrunk down to 90% and that’s without missing a beat on protein synthesis. Reviews were solid, but man skeptics just couldn’t get their head around its legitimacy. Now It comes back as part of a capsuled product called ProPF3 and we will see if it still lives up to the hype. MAN Sports On Verge.

VasoJet is a project with NO3-T Nitrate Technology that offers what is sounding like a naturally derived nitrate tech. The main ingredient will be called NatruNitrate™ and looks to be potentially the first of it kind in a capsule. With Plasma Jet re-emerging from Gaspari maybe it will be a competitor in the quest for the ultimate pump.

MAN Sports On Verge, Lastly, we will see the resurrection of Lean PhD  a thermogenic from MAN what was well received and now likely updated with the newest fat burning ingredients for the ultimate summer shred season to come….it’s just around the corner after all so the timing is great.


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