Major benefits of Weight Lifting

Many people in today’s world have a very busy and hectic life style that hinder their time for personal care.  This becomes more realized when someone begins to have health problem after health problem almost like a plague on the body related to being inactive.  The body like all things will begin to break down in some form or fashion whether internally or externally if not maintained.  There are some simple remedies to combating these issues though.  Simply putting physical strain on the body can do wonders for health and wellness over the long term\.  The idea of weight training is probably the most well know of these ways to stress the body.  Below is a list of things that simple weight training can help prevent and reverse.

The #1 idea most people have with weight lifting and over all physical active is losing weight.  Most issues in today’s modern world are related to being overweight or sedentary.  Building more muscles requires the body to burn more calories and combined with some cardiovascular activity can begin to lower one’s weight.  Decreasing body fat and increasing muscles mass can have a massive impact in someone’s quality of life and the longevity in their life as well.

Looking at some data from Iowa State University it is suggested that even moderate weight lifting can reduce the rate of heart attacks by 40%.  Since heart disease is the #1 killer of people in the developed world it is almost a necessity that you lift weights to become overall healthier.

The last aspect that many people fail to realize and another epidemic that is plaguing the populous is the overall mental well-being on an individual.  It is shown that both aerobic and anaerobic (cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises) activities can increase and uplift the spirit.  One major study found that simply lifting weights can reduce anxiety in most adults significantly.

Much of this data varies from person to person as with most thing everyone is scientifically different.  There is one thing though and that is constant weight lifting helps and an active life is a healthy life.








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