Is Brandon Curry the Darkhorse to Win the 2019 Mr. Olympia?

When Brandon Curry first won his IFBB pro card at the USA Championships in 2008, many believed that they were staring at a future Mr. Olympia champion. Unfortunately, he got his pro card at one of the most competitive times ever in professional bodybuilding.

In 2008, Dexter “The Blade” Jackson won is first and only Mr. Olympia, sandwiched between Jay Cutler’s four Sandow trophies. And then came along a guy named Phil “The Gift” Heath who won it seven years in a row until Shawn Rhoden defeated him in one of the closest Olympia competitions of all time. So, has Brandon Curry finally arrived, and is he the Darkhorse to win it all this year?

Brandon is no stranger to big-time bodybuilding victories. In 2013, he won 2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Brasil. After his first major victory, Curry took some time off. He only completed once from 2013 until 2017. After a disappointing 16th place at the 2015 Arnold Classic, some doubted if Curry would ever live up to his potential. Then 2017 happened.

In 2017, Curry competed in four IFBB shows, and won three of them. He won the 2017 IFBB New Zealand Pro, 2017 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia, and the 2017 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy. The only show he didn’t win was the 2017 IFBB Mr. Olympia, where he finished in eighth place.

In 2018, he only competed in one IFBB show, the Mr. Olympia. He put together one of his best packages to date, and ended up cracking the top five with a fifth place finish. However, some people still doubted Curry. Fast-forward to 2019, and those doubts have started to fade.

Curry showed up to the 2019 Arnold Classic in the best shape of his life. What was once considered a weak point, his legs were the biggest, and leanest, they have ever been. He easily came in first place, and now is a top contender for the 2019 Mr. Olympia. Curry only competes at 245lbs, (I know, only), but at 5’9” and with one of the smallest waists in the sport, he is an absolute beast. So, does Curry have what it takes to win the 2019 Mr. Olympia? If I were Shawn Rhoden, I would make sure to come in with my best package to-date, or Curry could easily walk away with his first Sandow Trophy.


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