Is Bodybuilding as a Sport?    

There is no doubt that bodybuilding is fun to watch at the highest levels down to the high school levels.  It is a phenomenon like none other that has taken flight across much of the developed and developing world.  Countries in the Latin American region and India have really begun to develop their own markets, it has even become a point of unification for much of the world.    Many of the large organization have moved into these countries and have really begun to develop entire markets and more importantly industry.  It is the sole reason many individuals in these areas have a future that isn’t bleak at best.  All off what people call a hobby or something not really a sport without knowing full well what it entails.

Bodybuilding at its core is almost a pure art form that requires massive levels of discipline.  Aside from having to spend hours upon hours in the gym building a body to fit a viewing model that requires more dedication than possibly anything else on the planet, on must follow this up with a nutrition protocol that would make most peoples head spin.  Eating to this group is not for enjoyment but for one thing only which is progress.  This is a 24/7/365 a year every year for most a lifetime to achieve even a shot at going pro.  The third phase to that is to incorporate a posing routine that requires the ability to flex specific muscle at specific times while maintaining correct posture. It can take years of practice to develop a routine that is over in minutes.  If you are off event the slightly well, you’ll be nothing more than second place at best.

I think it is safe to argue that bodybuilding is probably more of a sport than anything on the planet.  There is no other sport that requires the level of discipline and dedication that in present in bodybuilding.  I would love to see some comments regarding what everyone’s thoughts are on this.  If someone can argue against is being a sport, I would like to see this.


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