GPOP Protein Popcorn Set to Release its Air Popped Deliciousness

Protein popcorn is definitely a thing now. Icon Meals released their version which definitely resembles kettle corn and or gourmet popcorn, but still contains a decent amount of sugar and fat. Its not “healthy” but its better than Orville Redenbacher fake butter options (aka soybeanoil), or the $14 tub at the movie theatre (nevermind the $7 dollar soda and $30 4D iMax ticket.)

GPOP is the newest on the block to take a stab at the high Protein popcorn snack market and they are bringing the fight with a leaner meaner formula, and an air popped alternative. They promise to have a third more protein than other products per serving and a better macro profile. So, now you can stuff your face and feel less guilty while still hitting your macros that you probably stopped tracking after the first week of IIFYM style dieting.

While we do not have an ingredients list yet surely in the next week or two it will be released and we should also have a price point and servings per case to further develop an opinion on whether this is a hit or miss in the protein snack market.

Icon meals does a great job with diverse flavor, but their product leaves a little lacking in that its macros aren’t conducive to dieting, and they sometimes leave with a popcorn kernel to gnaw on, and to me that is the greatest sin of any popcorn product. It better pop all the way, or it’s a sign of inferior engineering!


Current Info:

  • 57g serving
  • 13g protein
  • Releases 9-18-19



  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Chocolate Lava Cake
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Birthday Cake

Price – TBA


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