GNC Releases GNC4u DNA Fitness DNA Kit

GNC Releases GNC4u DNA Fitness DNA Kit: GNC has tapped into the ever growing market of DNA testing with its first product and foray into the new technology. While things like 23andMe, Ancestory, etc.. have been around for a while now and people are learning more and more about their genetic profiles, its only been a short time since people have realized they can use this information to potentially hone in on their fitness goals and body types to maximize workouts and overall health potential.

Certain DNA traits (called SNPs) have been associated with different types of health benefits and or issues. This has ranged from cardiovascular and cellular all the way to potential ability for fast or slow twitch muscle capacities.

GNC4u is designed around testing for Diet, Supplement, Fitness, and Ancestry and does this with a single saliva sample.

Diet shows how some dieting and or weight management goals may benefit your genetic makeup and could possibly help you choose appropriate means to achieve your dietary goals. The supplement test suggests potential nutrient issues and or forms of nutrients that may interact best with your unique genetic profile.

Fitness reports may provide insights into how your DNA could benefit from specific types of workouts and or how to refine your personal preferences for your physical fitness efforts. Lastly, the Ancestry report reveals details about your global ancestry and potentially can help you find ancient connections to your health and dietary needs.

Overall, it’s a crazy time to see GNC tapping into the genetic technology, but it makes complete sense with products like 23andMe more popular than ever. Instead of asking about creatine and protein it could be SNPs and ancient diets being the topic of discussion at your local plaza mall store. GNC Releases GNC4u DNA Fitness DNA Kit


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