Glaxon Set to Release Stim Preworkout called Specimen

Glaxon Specimen Stim Preworkout: Glaxon has come tearing out of the gate since its revamped relaunch on everything from social media, youtube, labels, and formulations. They have released over half a dozen products in a just a few weeks, and back it up with a lot of great content. From wild and exotic cars in the glass plains of the desert to their space man toon, they have been entertaining while still dropping some great technical info on different ingredients all over their social media platforms.

In most recent news they have brought us their take on what a modern Preworkout should look and feel like and its called Specimen. Loaded up with everything you could possible need, from Co-enzymes B’s to stims and pump, its set to be a crows pleaser.

Some of the Glaxon Specimen Stim Preworkout Highlights:

  • Active forms of B’s and Electrolytes
  • Cholinace™ – special choline blend
  • Betaine, Taurine, Beta Alanine combo
  • Caffeine, Tyrosine, Halostachine, Rauwolscine, Yohimbine stim blend

Offering doses at ½ scoop and 1 Scoop to give flexibility in dosing based on both stim tolerance and experience level of the user is a great built in option as well.

Launch price is set to $49.99 and two flavors (Alien Pop, Molecular Candy) are dropping from the get go. So, if you are looking for Supercharged Energy, Enhanced Mind Muscle Connection, and a Full Body Preworkout Experience , become the Specimen and take your workout inter-galactic with Glaxon. Stay tuned for a fill update and review of the full label ingredients of Glaxon Specimen Stim Preworkout on


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