Glaxon Continues New Releases

Glaxon New Releases Continues: Glaxon Hits the Afterburners with Continued Release Schedule. Glaxon just reemerged as an evolved and upgraded line up of Sports Nutrition and Wellness products that offers a refreshing take both in formulation and in visual appeal. Their labels are somehow a blend of sci-fi meets throwback themes (movies) and its clear that the brand has been inspired by remembrance of better days past before social media and memes took over our lives.  That doesn’t mean they don’t meme it up, but they do it in classy and fun way just like they put their products together. You too can be part of the GoonSquad if you are feelin’ it, and their mascot Glaxon an interspace astronaut bent on “Making Cool $hit.”

Newest News from the Glaxon command post is that they have released 3 additional products to the line up and still have more coming either before the end of the year or as the New Year breaks. Glaxon New Releases.

First of the release is SLYCE a dedicated fat burner designed to melt adipose like you are orbiting to close to the sun, with a focus on thermogenesis and not just feelings of being overstimmed.

Second is Specimen, one of their preworkout offerings designed for those who really want that hard hitting stim experience, but still want the pump and beta alanine tingles to amp up the whole workout. A nice option for those who have been dragging their butts this winter season.

Third is a Glucose Disposal Agent, (GDA) called CHEAT and is designed to assist anyone with damage control from daily misgivings on their nutrition and or those big outs where you know you will wake up a few lbs heavier. This can be used daily or as needed and contains some of the best known ingredients in the category. Definitely a new rival for the king of the cheat day must haves.

Stay tuned as we will review and post about each separately with full details, but they are available from Glaxon directly from their website as of writing this article. Read more about Glaxon New Releases.


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