Ghost Lifestyle Gets Official in Canada

Ghost Lifestyle Gets Official in Canada: While it would seem like crossing a simple boarder from the US to Canada wouldn’t change much for a mere supplement purchase, things can be a world a part when it comes to the dietary restrictions and guidelines associate with our beloved Sports Nutrition products. To get official status and approval to be distributed without potential repercussion is an exhausting process for many companies, but not GHOST. They have literally reformulated and created Canadian ( and possibly International) version of their products just for the Canucks.

They have updated some labels in minor ways like their 100% Whey, just notating out their enzyme blends, while products like Ghost Legend are revamped and changed completely when ingredients like rauwolfia  and alpha GPC gone to the wayside in place of more caffeine, synephrine, and rhodiola. Ghost Lifestyle Gets Official in Canada.

Other products that have seen change, but not too much are Ghost Pump which sees the removal of norvaline from the formulation, which shouldn’t change its effective very much. Not sure if norvaline really does anything, but if it does it maybe increases the duration of your pump, but should still last well past your workout timeline.

So, if you are purchasing in Canada or have been border hopping to get your fix now you need not worry you are getting the Ghost Experience right there in your own country, and without any tariffs taxes or fear of being arrested for crimes of swolebotchery.

Ghost Lifestyle Gets Official in Canada and Canadian Products Being Launched..

  • Ghost Whey Protein
  • Ghost Vegan Protein
  • Ghost Pump
  • Ghost Size
  • Ghost Legend
  • Ghost BCAA


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