Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Brings Fitness Event to Atlanta called Athleticon

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson Brings Fitness Event to Atlanta called Athleticon.

Event: Athleticon

Date: 10/10/20 – 10/11/20

Where: Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta, GA


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is hosting a fitness event for the ages according to their press release (not a Fast and the Furious Fan Expo unfortunately!). The main highlights at the moment look like both a National NPC and Pro IFBB Bodybuilding Event held in the same weekend, much like the Arnold does it. This will be a brand new show called the ICON World Classic, and adds another event to the IFBB calendar as well as what is rumored to be a big pay day for those who are invited (after winning a IFBB event prior to the show.)

Other than bodybuilding there is set to be a wellness expo, TED like talks, other fitness events, and likely some form of entertainment to really line up the weekend for an all out bonanza. With someone like The Rock hosting the even who knows what kind of Dwayne Johnson Brings Fitness celebrities will come out for the showing, especially in the fitness world. This will likely be a social media storm of an event with everyone and their mother streaming from inside the expo center.

Also, with promises of big money who knows who will show up on the stage for the payday. This could be the next big competition that sets the stage for those who didn’t get the Olympia win in the prior weeks and or possibly even be the Olympia Part 2 as many feel its no longer the same level it was a while ago.

While its not likely to be as big as the Arnold just yet, we can at least look forward to what is said to be a refreshing take on the fitness, wellness, and bodybuilding event. Being honed and planned for over 3 years everyone can definitely set their expectations high, and be sure to plan travel and accommodations early, because its likely to sell out quick with The Rock behind the wheel. Rad more about Dwayne Johnson Brings Fitness.


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