Caffeine Gets A Hard Ceiling Limit in AUS

Caffeine Gets A Hard Ceiling Limit in AUS: The Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand has approved a draft measure that concerns high dosed caffeinated food and beverages being sold in their territories. You guessed it….eyes are on the preworkout and energy drink sectors of the market, and its not looking too good for some of the high powered products being imported and or manufactured in AUS.

There is supposed to be a hard limit of 320mg of caffeine in any “food” product and since their association uses the terms food regularly as part of determining the category of supplements, most products fall into those categories and are under ever increasing scrutiny.

A few weeks ago there was documentation discussing amounts of amino acids like Leucine content to be determining factors in what is a food and or supplement. Limits of 500mg of supplemental amino acids could literally put some companies out of business depending on regulatory changes. This is similar here with companies you make concentrated preworkout formulas or energy pills where the amount of total ingredients are very low. Caffeine Gets A Hard Ceiling Limit in AUS.

Examples were given that a product cannot be more than 5% caffeine based on total volume of daily serving. This would be a limit of 100mg for a 2000mg blend for example, even though the limit for caffeine is 320mg, under this new legislator you would need a blend of 6400mg to get to that upper limit of caffeine. Also, even moving a blend up to 20g per say you could still only use 320mg of caffeine no matter be well under 5% of any logical or functional amount of caffeine in a product.

Now whether companies will start using complimentary forms of stims, change labeling, and or add food sources of caffeine to skirt the issue we will have to see. Regardless, the meatheads down under are about to start jumping into the 2-3 servings game again, and having to ignore do not take more than 1 scoop per day!Read more about Caffeine Gets A Hard Ceiling Limit in AUS.


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