Bowmar Nutrition Gets Gourmet with its Protein Popcorn News

In a week with not one but two protein popcorn announcements we have Bowmar Nutrition, makers of the many tasty treat flavors of protein such as Blueberry Cheesecake, Pancake and Waffles, etc… are set to launch a 10g per serving protein popcorn and its going to be based on the nations varying styles of local popcorn goodness. First up is there Chicago Mix which is the Cheddar and Caramel combo that inevitably we have all dared to try in our giant 3 flavor tubs of popcorn from family gatherings and lousy X-mas gifts from Aunt Maud.

That is the only flavor update Bowmar Nutrition released so far, but more than likely we can expect many more from Bowmar Nutrition, because they have a history of dropping the excellent flavor options and can’t see them droppin’ the ball on this one.

The bag is a large multi-serving back and contains a total of 50g of protein (185g bag size/37g serving) and if it looks and taste anything like the front label we are all definitely in for a treat!

Launch is set for Sept 12th-ish directly from Bowmar Nutrition website, and hopefully we get to check out all the flavor options before then so it can be added to our Prepper Packs here on the East Coast ( at least where some of live) as we likely will have some form of imminent natural disaster looming ( Hurricane Season!)

Stay tuned to and our new product release news, as well as, highlights from the Olympia!

Product Info (so far)

  • 10g per 37g serving
  • 5 servings per bag
  • Cheddar and Caramel (first flavor)
  • Large Multi-Serv style bag
  • Olympia Special


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