PJ Braun Attacks Bodybuilding Legend Flex Wheeler on Social Media

Blackstone Labs’ PJ Braun Attacks Bodybuilding Legend Flex Wheeler on Social Media

Why is Blackstone Labs’ Owner PJ Braun attacking one of the Best Bodybuilders of all-time?

Well, it looks like PJ Braun has attacked bodybuilding legend, and one of the greatest Mr. Olympia competitors of all time, Ken “Flex” Wheeler. By the way, I still think that Flex should have beaten Ronnie Coleman at the 1999 Mr. Olympia Competition. Anyways, the feud started after Flex Wheeler made some comments on Instagram about the integrity of Keon Pearson.

Flex has been training Keon Pearson, and helped him to win this year’s Arnold Classic’s Classic Physique division. Shortly after Pearson’s victory at the Arnold, he signed an endorsement deal with Blackstone Labs. Apparently, some stuff went down after Pearson started working with Blackstone Labs’ owner, PJ Braun.

While we don’t know exactly what happened, we do know that the trio displayed their distaste over the situation on Instagram. Flex made the comment on one of Pearson’s post that “He’s on his own now. Enjoy the video.” Well, PJ just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and responded to Flex’s post by saying, “that’s a disappointing response after what REALLY happened.”

Well, it appears that PJ should have just left it alone, but because he didn’t, Flex, who is known for telling you the truth and not holding back had this to say, “Oh wow, after two months of requesting to speak with you. Now you respond on my thread. Please do tell what happened? Exactly what did you offer him to become a Benedict Arnold? How much money did it take to turn him out? Now I absolutely understand why everyone told me to never get mixed up with you and your company. Getting involved with you 2 A** Clowns was the biggest mistake of the Century for me. Now, beat it.”

In case you are unaware of who Benedict Arnold was, he was one of the biggest traitors ever in American History. He was an American general during the American Revolutionary War. He defected to the British in 1780. George Washington fully trusted him and put him in command of the fortifications at West Point, New York. Arnold was planning to surrender the fort to British forces, but his plot was discovered in September 1780. He fled to the other side, and led the British army in battle against the same men whom he had once commanded, and called family.

PJ just couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself, and responded with, “if I were you I would remove that statement because I’ve been keeping everything to myself out of respect for you because of how much I looked up to you. The truth will make you look very bad bro. Not a wise idea especially when I’m one of the few people that wanted to help you out still.”

Flex responded by laying the truth into PJ and said, “Really. Please do so. Because what you’re not aware of I have every text between us and Benedict Arnold. Even have all the text when I kept requesting for you to call me. But I advise you before you do so you might want to talk to Benedict Arnold. He called one of my clients and confessed exactly what happened. You’re a very disrespectful person. SAD.”

Of course, PJ couldn’t just let it go, and responded with “challenge accepted.”

We are taking Flex’s side on this issue. From what we know about PJ, and haven’t disclosed, we are sure that Flex is an innocent bystander. We fully support Flex, and hope that the truth about PJ comes out. I mean, Flex is one of the greatest Mr. Olympia competitors of all time, and PJ Braun has been indicted on a plow of charges. Who would you trust in this matter?


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