Black Market Releases Limited Editions Cuts and Tone

Black Market Labs adds new ingredients to limited edition Cuts and Tone

Black Market Labs has been busy lately. They are known for creating dual purpose pre-workout supplements. In other words, their pre-workouts are designed to help you crush your gym session, and to help you crush another fitness goal. Two of their multi-purpose pre-workout supplements are Cuts and Tone.

Cuts is a pre-workout that is supposed to help you lose body fat. Hence the name Cuts. And, Tone is another one of their pre-workouts that is supposed to help you lose weight, but geared more to women. Well, it looks like they decided to release a new limited edition version of both popular supplements.

Both are getting a flavor makeover. They are now going to be available in an Orange Creamsicle flavor. But, Black Market didn’t stop there. For Cuts, they decided to add 15mg of ProGBB per serving, and for Tone they added 250mg of Astrion. So, what are ProGBB and Astrion?

ProGBB is like carnitine, but supposedly much better. L-carnitine has been used in several fat loss and thermogenic weight loss formulas for years. It helps to shuttle the fats circulating in your blood stream to where they need to go. In other words, L-carnitine helps you to use more fat for energy and even has been shown to enhance brain function. Well, you need large doses of L-carnitine to get these results. And, sometimes these large doses can cause stomach discomfort. Enter GBB.

ProGBB is a trademarked version of GBB, or Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester HCL. You can see why people choose to refer to it as GBB. Anyways, GBB is supposed to enhance your body’s own ability to make and use L-carnitine. Some people claim that it is 300 times more potent than L-carnitine. Not only to users report that it makes you feel warmer, but the doses are significantly lower than what you require from L-carnitine.

And then we have the new limited version of Tone. Tone already has a high dose of L-carnitine tartrate. So, instead of adding GBB to the formula, Black Market decided to do the next best thing. They added 250mg of Astrion to their women’s version of Cuts. Astrion is a trademarked ingredient by NuLiv Science. This plant-base ingredient has been shown to help hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. So, not only are you supposed to lose weight while using Tone, but your skin is supposed to look amazing.

The limited editions of Black Market Labs’ Cuts and Tone are sure to sell well. They are both popular per-workout supplements, but now they have a little extra. We will be giving you a personal staff review of both products soon. If you already like the original versions of each, then you should go ahead and grab a tub while they are still available.

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