Bang Energy Serving Up Pristine Protein Bang Bars as Next Step

Bang Energy Serving Up Pristine Protein Bang Bars: What can we say about Bang Energy and its vivacious CEO Crazy Jack Owoc that he hasn’t already said…I mean the guy literally talks for hours about Energy Drinks and yet we all still listen intently. Well, he dropped a bombshell recently by announcing the introduction of the next arm of the Bang Energy monster and that is going to be from Drink to Food in reverse of many companies who start with Food and then move to Beverage.

This new venture is called Pristine Protein Bang Bar and looks like its in the style of Protein Nuggets and hosts the Natural claim on the label. Flavors like Legendary Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Brownie, Oats and Honey and maybe Cookies and Cream are all shown in the first preview pics. Bang Energy Serving Up Pristine Protein Bang Bars

Could this be reminiscent of VPX’s Zero Impact Bars? Those were the food like dense protein bars back in the heyday that the keto movement pretty much killed off since they had both low GI carbs and a high dose of healthy fats. Their evolved form never took off and if we are lucky we will see the prior form take its place back in the pack with this protein nugget concept. They were cakey, delicious, and satisfying for sure, but poofed in the movement of bars like Quest and other low carb options.

One thing is for sure, Jack Owoc doesn’t mess around and if he is launching a protein snack product than we know that he has the resources and R&D power to pull something off that we have not experienced yet. Worst case…. Bang Energy Serving Up Pristine Protein Bang Bars, it will be extremely fun to see all the memes and tweets about Bang Bars, Bang Chics, and Bang Energy that come from it all. Best case we get to a delicious snack to sip with our Bangs and to here Jack talk even more about his passion for assaulting all categories of the energy and snack market.


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