Bang Energy Drinks Now Available at Walmart for Only $1.98

In their quest for energy drink supremacy, VPX’s Bang energy drinks are now available at Walmart. Yep, you heard right. And not only are they available at Walmart, but they are being highly advertised in America’s top brick and mortar retail chain. Just check out the picture of the huge display above. Is it any wonder that Monster Energy and the other energy drink giants are worried about Bang?

With flavors that are more popular, trendy, and just flat out taste better, if I were one of the other guys, I would be worried too. The good news for the rest of us is that if you aren’t around your local supplement store or Vitamin Shoppe, you can easily go grab a Bang from your local Walmart. It is unsure if $1.98 is the everyday cost for a Bang at Walmart, or if this is a special introductory price. Check back with us for more update.


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