Arms Race New Joint and Wellness Product

Arms Race Looks to Joint and Wellness in the New Year.

Arms Race has not only launched itself in 2019, but literally blasted off to being a top brand nationally and highlighted on store fronts like GNC, as well as, most sports nutrition news outlets. They have released their foundational products in the Preworkout, Amino, Intra, Pump, and Protein and have done so with some classy formulations and an old school cold war era style theme that makes you want to start a war on your own physique.

Recently, news has surfaced that they will be addressing some of the other foundational elements of the body like wellness and joint health. Their new product that is currently in the pipeline is called Elemental and will be both full of joint support compounds as well as vitamins and nutrients needed for over all well being.

If we lean on the current trends from Arms Race we can expect a launch special of some sort and potentially some swag of sorts to celebrate the new year? This will be their first capsuled product and for those Game Changer folk it will be in veggie caps so take it easy on the hashtags.

For those of you new to the brand go check out Julian Smith and his old school no BS training on social media and or head to Arms Race Nutrition’s site and get the low down on the entire line up of products. Also like mentioned above they are now available at GNC and are a highlighted brand, so big things are definitely in the works for Arms Race.


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