Are Proprietary Blends Labels Dead?

Let’s take a step into someone else’s shoes; which seems to be a lost art form in this world of non-critical thinking and reactionary mentalities.  Image you have a vault that holds the intellectual property of maybe the formula for Coke one of the single best-selling substances throughout the last century.  Imagine now someone proposes that you should become far more transparent with your product and tell the whole world what is in it and how it is made.  The answer for this hypothetical question is no, no I will not divulge that for the simple fact of dominance and that you would probably be sued into the payment by your investor for “insert fancy legal reason” in relation to the Coca Cola formula.

So that brings us to the idea of proprietary blends in the supplementation industry being bad or not of the same quality as open label or non-proprietary labels.  This is an illogical argument and couldn’t be any further from the truth.  If a company truly feels they have a competitive advantage with a product why would they turn that information over to the rest of the word to use at the leisure. Many times, companies take years to develop a product with the respective ratios of the ingredients they want for the performance outcome they seek.  If you notice the majority of the large companies tend to be companies with proprietary blend products in some form or fashion.  This would indicate that these companies feel they have a superior product that they need to protect.

As with all products it is best to start small and work up.  Enjoy the experience and if it doesn’t work then simple move on to the next.  Now with the internet this is a massive amount of information that one can use to make informed decisions with.



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