Amazon Releases New Elements Supplement Line

Retail giant Amazon has decided to get into the supplement game. Recently, Amazon released its new supplement line Elements. Amazon claims that they want to help drive down the high prices of supplements by offering consumers high-quality supplements at a good price. Other supplement insiders think this new brand could destroy the current supplement industry.

Amazon’s new supplements appear to be a direct assault on the single ingredient, healthy aging supplement market. If the products are as high quality as Amazon claims, then they could do some damage in this growing section of the supplement market. Look for brands like Nutrakey and Now Foods to feel the effects of the Elements line.

Elements is not Amazon’s first crack at the supplement biz. Amazon has already released its own pre-workout supplement OWN PWR Pre Workout. It appears Amazon put a little more effort into making their high-quality general health line than they did with their sports supplement brand. We will keep you updated as we learn more about Amazon’s plans.


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