2020 Arnold Classic Review

2020 Arnold Classic Review: This year will be the 32nd performance of the Arnold Classic and everyone believes it is going to be one for the record books.  The competition this year will be held in Columbus Ohio on March 7 as is now tradition.  The Arnold states that the event is a blend of the past, present and future of the sport with the ultimate goal for each competitor to be on the stage at the end with the legendary Arnold himself.

2020 Arnold Classic Review: The field this year is stacked, 13 of the world’s best IFBB professional bodybuilders hailing from six different countries all around the globe competing for the ultimate prize.  Three of this year’s competitors are new to the stage, while the other 10 are veterans of this event and will surely be bringing their best to the stage.


The field this year od 2020 Arnold Classic Review is listed below:

  • Dexter Jackson (USA)- 2008 Mr. Olympia and has won a record five Arnold Classic titles.
  • William Bonac (Netherlands)- 2018 Arnold Classic Champion
  • Cedric McMIllan (USA)- 2017 Arnold Classic Champion and 7th Olympia finisher
  • Victor Martinez (USA via Dominican Republic)- 2007 Arnold Classic Champion
  • Mamdough “Big Ramy” Elssbiay (Egypt)-Won Arnold Europe and Arnold South America
  • Sergio Oliva Jr. (USA)- New York Pro Winner and son of legendary Sergio Oliva
  • Patrick Moore (USA)- Won California Pro and has a top 10 finish at the 2019 Olympia.
  • Nathan DeAsha (United Kingdom)- Placed 7th at Mr. Olympia and holds 6 pro victories.
  • Morgan Aste (France)- 2019 Arnold Amateur Champion.
  • Steve Kuclo (USA)- Won the Indy Pro and placed 6th at the Mr. Olympia
  • Josh Lenartowicz (Australia)- Placed 8th at the show last year and qualified for the Olympia.
  • Johnnie Jackson (USA)- Won 2017 South Africa and is returning from retired men.
  • Lionel Beyeke (France)- Placed 4th in 2017. Won 2016 San Marino Pro.
  • Maxx Charles (USA)- Placed 3rd in 2017 and 13th in 2018
  • Akim Williams (USA)- 9th place finish at the Arnold in 2019 and 9th place at the 2019 Mr;. Olympia.


This year is stacking up to be big and it is anybody guess at who will win.  We personally can’t wait to see the events unfold!


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