2019 Mr. Olympia Predictions: Can Shawn Rhoden Repeat as Champion?

The 2019 Mr. Olympia is quickly approaching, and we don’t even know the complete list of competitors. With Big Ramy not competing, and with 7x champion Phil Heath still undecided, it appears that the favorite to win the 2019 Olympia, and repeat as last years champion, is Shawn Rhoden.

Many believe that Shawn’s window for being a factor in future Olympias is quickly closing. Shawn is 44 years-old, and is competing against younger competiton. With Big Ramy out, and Phil’s status unknown after last year’s lose and off-season surgery, I’m putting my money on Rhoden to win again. If he does, he will be one of the oldest Mr. Olympias of all time. As we get closer to this year’s Olympia, we will have a better idea of who is and who isn’t competing. As for now, I like the sound of 2x champ Shawn Rhoden.


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