1st Phorm is all about the Pumped Up Kids

Everyone has probably heard of or has been stalked by a local rep for the company at either gym, work, or social gathering areas. Joking aside 1st Phorm is a huge brand and they have massive amounts of transformation stories as well as an obviously intensive marketing campaign that relies on talking to people and getting involved with real changes in people’s lifestyles to hit the weight loss and muscle gain goals.

Recently, they have entered into the Kiddos market and realized that the little tikes and trikes need some love in the pump department. So, while the product are not preworkouts they are quality multivitamins in a gummy and powder form that provides the little kiddos with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to grow up big and strong just like mom and dad want them to be.

M-Factor Gummies are a basic multivitamin blend that ensures your kids are getting a good amount of their daily necessaries and can make up for the chicken nuggets and ketchup pack filled day at school. Better yet though would me Opti-Kids which hosts a much larger delivered dose of nutrients with added food-based blends and even some herbs and probiotics to maximize the formulas effectiveness on their little one’s well-being.

So, if you have spent ample time getting yourself fit and healthy its time to double down on your progeny and hook them up with a little bit of the pre-school brain pump and feed em’ up with some 1st Phorm.

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