VPX Sports is Releasing a New Version of Shotgun 5X

The makers of Bang Energy are releasing a new version of their popular pre-workout, Shotgun 5X.

In case you haven’t heard, VPX Sports, the makers of Bang Energy, are all about the science. That is why one of the best selling pre-workout products of all time is Shotgun. In fact, Shotgun has been so popular that VPX Sports and Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc has redone the formula several times. And now it appears that Shotgun 5X is going to be getting a revamp, and a facelift as well.

Jack, who is a legend in the sports supplement world, recently announce on Instagram that VPX is going to be releasing a new version of Shotgun 5X. Why is it called Shotgun 5X? Because it is backed by three double blind placebo controlled gold standard university studies. These studies were conducted at Baylor University, and Florida State University.

These studies showed that Shotgun 5X, and not the ingredients, but the actual product, significantly increased strength and lean mass, and increased muscle gene proteins by up to 515%. Hence the name Shotgun 5X.

We don’t yet know the details on the lists of ingredients, but we are guessing that they should be like what is already in the current version of Shotgun 5X. However, we do know that Shotgun 5X will be released in two flavors, Wild Grape and Mango Bango. If the flavors are anything close to those of Bang Energy, then we should all be in for a pleasant surprise.

Based on the product images from Jack’s Instagram feed, Shotgun 5X is also getting a more modern look. It appears that VPX Sports is trying to update their product labels to more resemble Bang Energy drinks.

VPX Sports has not announced an official release date, but they mentioned that two of their distribution partners, Europa Sports and NYB Distributors, are already taking preorders. These are two of the largest sports supplement distributors in the US, so your local retail stores can go ahead and start placing orders.

Judging by the announcement of taking preorders, the new version of Shotgun 5X should be available very soon. We will continue to monitor the upcoming release of Shotgun 5X, and will notify you when we have more details. And once we have a list of the ingredients, we will give you a full product breakdown. Who knows what else that Jack Owoc has in store for us.



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